Traffic Management

We provide traffic management services to suit your needs.

Providing traffic management solutions that minimize disruption for road users whilst keeping the safety of pedestrians and the workforce to a maximum.

  • Stop & Go Systems

  • Traffic Lights Systems

  • Pedestrian Traffic Lights Systems

  • Road Narrow Systems

  • Lane Closure Systems

  • Road Closures

  • Event & Pedestrian Management

Temporary Traffic Management

Traffic Management Services

SDS Traffic Management Services provide a vast array of traffic-related services for start-to-finish application. Services can include equipment delivery, setup and/or maintenance and removal at end of project. All services are provided with the highest standards possible and are in accordance with the regulations set out in Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signals Manual.

Our Traffic Management department aims to reduce the risks associated with traffic movement. This involves implementing a wide range of measures to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles. These measures include segregating pedestrians and vehicles, as well as segregating light vehicles and quarry plant. We also provide designated car parking areas for visitors and customers.

To maintain safety, we instruct vehicle operators to remain in their vehicles at all times. Additionally, we have maintenance schemes in place for vehicles, and we focus on the design and maintenance of roads. We provide necessary reversing aids, implement one-way systems, and ensure adequate signage and speed restrictions are in place. Driver training and competence are also key aspects of our traffic management strategy.

Furthermore, we prioritize the design of edge protection along roads and conduct risk assessments of working areas. We then implement control measures based on these assessments to mitigate any identified risks.

So, what exactly is a Traffic Management System?

It is essentially a method of traffic control that directs vehicles and pedestrians around work areas while ensuring the safety of road workers.

The implementation of a traffic management system involves various mechanisms. These include classification, marking, policing, re-marking, shaping, queueing, and buffer management. We also focus on efficient packet dispatching to ensure smooth traffic flow.

By enhancing our traffic management practices, we strive to create a safer and more organized environment for both road users and workers.

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SDS’s highly trained Flaggers have the knowledge and experience to keep your work zone safe.

Lane Closures

Our road closures effectively close one or both directions of any roadway..

Special Events

Our years of experience in a variety of special events, including parades, marathons.