Disabled Parking Bays

Disabled parking bays

Disabled parking bays in Ireland

Ensuring accessibility for everyone is our priority, and our dedicated disabled bays are exclusively reserved for valid blue badge holders. With our expertly installed road markings, such as street parking road markings or distinctive H bar markings, we guarantee clear identification and adherence to accessibility standards.


Our commitment extends beyond disability parking. We offer a spectrum of road marking installation services, ensuring your car park is seamlessly integrated into the local community. To transform your space into an accessible haven, installing road markings is essential, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.


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Cost of Disabled Bay Markings:

The cost of disabled bay markings varies based on your specific requirements. Opting for off-street parking may incur additional expenses due to specific regulations.

All our quotes are tailored to your needs, guaranteeing a bespoke solution. Our company takes pride in providing the most affordable car park marking installations, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed expectations in terms of price and quality. Contact our team today, and let’s create a tailored quote just for you.

Benefits of Disabled Bay Markings:

Disabled bay markings are more than symbols; they represent reserved spaces crucial for people with disabilities. These specially marked spaces, featuring distinct symbols and signage, prevent misuse and offer a range of benefits:

Accessibility: Easier access to public places for individuals with disabilities, strategically located close to entrances.

Safety: Wider spaces ensure safe entry and exit, particularly for those using mobility aids.

Convenience: Saving time and energy, disabled bay markings offer proximity to destinations for individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.

Legal Protection: Protected by law, misuse incurs fines, safeguarding these spaces for those in genuine need.

Disabled bay markings contribute significantly to building a more inclusive and accessible society.

Installation Process for Disabled Bay Markings:

Adhering to parking bay marking regulations is at the core of our installation process. Designed to be fast and affordable, our process ensures minimal disruption.

Planning an installation with us is hassle-free. Contact our team to discuss the ideal time and date, and we’ll work to meet your specific needs.

Disabled Parking Bay Symbol Marking:

The unmistakable symbol of a disabled parking bay is a wheelchair symbol against a blue background. This symbol, centrally positioned within the parking bay, clearly designates the space for those with additional needs.

Need to indicate a disabled bay in your car park? We’ve installed symbols and markings nationwide, ensuring accessibility for those who require it.

Disabled Parking Bay Marking Regulations:

Stricter regulations govern disabled parking space markings in public areas, though private areas and off-street parking may not always be subject to these rules. As a leading road marking company, we bring our expertise to all clients, ensuring compliance with regulations for installing disabled spaces.

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